The NDSM wharf is well known as a creative hotspot. The warehouse is home to more than 200 artists and creatives, as well as the internationally renowned IJhallen: the recurring flea market which has grown to be the largest in Europe! You’ll see fantastic graffiti all over the walls of the halls.

Our partner, Alltournative Amsterdam, will gladly take you on an adventure through the magical world of this colorful street art culture. If you want, you can even express your own creativity with a graffiti workshop. Celebrate your bachelor party, your birthday or just have a day: you’ll experience the NDSM wharf like never before.

* upon availability

alltournative ijver


  • Alltournative Amsterdam
  • Street art tour
  • Graffiti workshop
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Tours from €15 PP
  • Outdoor workshops from €30 PP
  • Indoor workshops from €70 PP
  • The biggest street art museum in the world
  • Have lunch, drinks or dinner at IJver

Duration: 2 hours